Can I make my own Essential Oils Blends?

Although we have a comprehensive range of Essential oil blends, blending your own essential oils can be a highly rewarding activity. However, the sheer number of essential oils and the possible combinations can seem overwhelming. But, with a little theory and some precision, intuition, and creativity, making your very own essential oil blends is quite an achievable task. Whether your goal is to address a specific ailment or to formulate an enchanting fragrance, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Let’s look at some of the theory behind Essential Oils.

The first question would be … “why blend essential oils at all?”

Essential Oils Blends

Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic essence from plants that are generally complex in their composition. This complexity not only forms the rich, unique aromas, but it is also the reason behind the unique qualities seen when two or more essential oils are mixed together. Quite simply, when essential oils are combined and interact with each another, they can provide complex effects that cannot be singled out to any individual essential oil. In aromatherapy, this phenomenon is known as 'synergy'.

Synergy implies that essential oils are, like many things in life, more powerful in combination than when they act alone. Much like how the musical notes of a compelling melody can come together to give rise to a beautifully harmonised experience, the mixing of certain essential oils can release enticing fragrances and therapeutic effects that may be different to the individual characteristics of any one essential oil.