It’s Christmas at Wiltija!

Christmas is coming

Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle Blend… last an exquisite ‘Australian Scented’ Christmas Essential Oil Blend,  and Christmas Essential Oil blend candle!

What does that mean I hear you say….

Like my friend here … close your eyes… can’t you just smell that amazing eucalyptus bush aroma?

Koala in a Tree

Can you hear the crackle of the bush twigs under your feet while bush walking?

Can you hear that unique kookaburra laugh and the smell of the clean water running in the creek?

Brings back wonderful childhood memories of climbing the Eucalyptus trees or squeezing the gum leaves in your hands to breathe in the aroma. Taking your shoes off and letting the clear creek water cool your feet on that hottest of hot days, or simply just a longing to return the country life.

Now, who doesn’t dream of one of these sensations in your home this Christmas!

What does Christmas in Australia mean to you?

Backyard cricket, lunches at the beach?

Everyone has their unique flavour.

For anyone who has been in the northern hemisphere for the silly season, it’s clear we do things differently here. With our lack of snow and unique take on the holiday, you will more likely see Santa at the beach surfing than a group of carollers singing around the neighbourhood.

Santa on Surfboard at the Beach

A typical Aussie Christmas will likely include at least a few of these things.

Surfing Santa

Santa is traditionally seen wearing bright red fleecy suits, complete with white fur and big black boots to protect from the northern winter.

Christmas in Australia is summertime so you’re much more likely to see a boardshort wearing Santa on a surfboard.

So where will you see a surfing Santa? No, of course it’s not an official sport, but if you find yourself on a beach on Christmas day, you’ll most likely find an early morning surfer in a Santa hat.

Eating prawns

Prawns on a BBQ

Our British and American friends will be feasting on roast turkey, baked potato, and hot chocolate, meanwhile, we Aussies are filling the Esky and setting up folding tables to eat outside. And some lucky family member will get to do the morning ‘prawn run’.

Street parties

December in Australia is Summer, so street parties are very popular. Sometimes in the evening on Christmas Day, impromptu street parties happen. Most people visit relatives on Christmas Day, so the streets are often full of families and kids.

Cricket on the beach

Quiet roads, or the beach, on Christmas Day also usually means impromptu games of cricket.


The Christmas road trip

Christmas Day can often involve a long road trip.

Whether you’re visiting the ‘rellies’ or you’re firmly in holiday mode, you can be sure everyone in the family will be re-acquainted with each other after this!

Christmas children in the car

Introducing …

Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil Blend for Christmas.

An Australian Summer Blend of Native gums, Coastal Tea Tree, and crisp Lemon Myrtle.

With essential oils of:

Eucalyptus Peppermint Gum – endemic to south-eastern Australia, it grows to about 30 metres and has peppermint flavoured leaves. The leaves have been used as a flavouring since colonial times, especially in ‘billy’ tea!

 Clearing and energizing, it also helps with clarity , fatigue and confrontation.

And it is also a good source of food for our unique koala!

Tea Tree Lemon scented – an Australian native tree with a shrubby habit and small white flowers. The leaves when crushed have a beautiful citrus scent.

It is best known to be uplifting and refreshing, it clears and focuses the mind and dispels negativity.

Other benefits include anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. It is also known for its ability to energise, boost your spirits and give clarity to your mind.

 (Safety; avoid using during pregnancy. Possible irritant to sensitive skin.)

These are only two of the amazing Essential Oils that make up the Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle Christmas Blend fragrance, more to come, stay tuned.

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Here in Australia we love our ‘Sunburnt Country’ and our ‘Land of Sweeping Plains’.

So, whatever your image of ‘Christmas in Australia’ is, our Aussie blend of Lemon Myrtle and Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend and our Candle range will not disappoint.

Imagine the scent of our Rustic Australian Bush aromas gently wafting through your home this Christmas, especially if you are away from home or overseas and long for your home country unique native bush sensations.

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Dog at Christmas

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This is the Spirit of Christmas.