The uses for Lavender Essential Oil are endless.











The uses for Lavender Oil are endless!  

We know you’re completely in love with Lavender, and we are too!

Here are a few reasons why its everyone’s favourite.

SLEEPY SLUMBERS – family worries, to do lists, work, and everything else running around in your head before bedtime?

Place 2 drops of lavender oil on a tissue and tuck it inside your pillow case and let this gorgeous fragrance do its job of easing your tension and settling you into a beautiful slumber.











LOVELY LOCKS – you may wonder “can I leave Lavender oil in my hair?”  the answer is yes!...

For a  ‘good hair day’ every day simply add a drop of lavender oil into your shampoo.

Your hair will look healthier and shinier!

Girl with shiny hair using Lavender Essential Oil











Stay tuned for next weeks tips on the many uses of Lavender Oil.