What essential oils are toxic for dogs?


Did you know that some essential oils are dangerous to your furry friends? 

It may come as a surprise to know that your favourite holistic remedies using essential oils might be toxic for your dog. You may, unknowingly, be placing your doggo at risk.

So… to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy, let’s take a closer look at which essential oils are safe for your dog and which are toxic.

Essential oils for dogs

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are oils extracted from plants with a potent fragrance of the plant. Essential oils are derived from certain volatile compounds within the plant. Essential oils are popular and used to make natural remedies for relaxation, health, cleaning, and other reasons.

People who love their dogs also wish to share their love of natural essential oil remedies with their dogs. However, while many essential oils are beneficial for humans, some may be harmful to dogs.

This also applies to oils that you aren’t placing directly on your pet. For instance, people frequently use essential oils with diffusers, but even using an essential oil in a diffuser can potentially result in a sick puppy!

What makes essential oils useful to us is that their molecules are highly reactive with the compounds in our own bodies. If essential oils did not react with our bodies, they wouldn’t have any effect, but this also means they react with your dog’s natural body chemistry. The human body is resilient, complex and can process a lot, but animals are often much more limited in what is safe for them.

So, when using any kind of essential oil, it is important to distinguish which oils can make your dog sick. 

Safe practice is research them first and consult with your veterinarian if you are considering using any essential oils in your home, in any way. There are oodles of different ways essential oils and animals can interact without you being aware.

So, it’s not like essential oils and pets have not co-existed in the past. Some essential oils are harmless, especially in small quantities. There may even be some essential oils, in very small amounts, that are safe when used near your dog. Look out for the next post that will list a few essential oils that do not mix with your dog.