Why use a blend instead of a single essential oil?

At Wiltija we believe there many advantages to using a blend of beneficial essential oils. Instead of ‘just Frankincense’ or another single essential oil, a blend can provide many unexpected benefits. Different essential oils can target various cell types slightly differently.  They can contribute to anti-viral measures, immune system support, antihistamine actions, anti-inflammatory actions, anti-bacterial actions, pain reduction, and a variety of other properties. For instance, our ‘Relaxing’ blend contains a high amount of Frankincense. Combine this with Lavender, Cedarwood and Geranium and you have a mix which can have a calming effect on your mind and body. It can also help balance moods and anxiety.

Blends can be designed to suit a lot of different situations.

Essential Oils Blends

We are regularly asked, “which oil should I use for specific conditions?” Often, they would spend a lot of money on essential oils and not quite find the best solution for what they are looking for.

Instead, we feel a better approach is to find a blend of essential oils which BEST suits whatever solution you are looking for. The research has already been done and a more effective result will certainly be closer. So, instead of spending months and months of exhaustive “trying”, not to mention all the dollars, have a look at using blends for your desired result.

Blends like our ‘Relaxing’ range can give you the diversity of the combined effects of various essential oils. Not only are they blended to give you the best chance receiving maximum benefits, but the work has already been done for you!